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The District recognizes that not all students grow and develop at the same rate and that some students may need more time at a particular level.  Whenever a student at any grade level from kindergarten through fifth grade is not achieving up to expectation, the professional staff and parent/guardian shall consider retention.

Generally, retention is more appropriate at lower grade levels; however, retention in any grade through grade five (5) is acceptable if done in the best interest of the student.  In all cases, parent/guardian(s) and staff should work together in reaching a decision.

In rare instances, it may be in a student’s best interest to promote or “skip” the student over a grade.  This should only be done after extensive evaluation and consultation with all concerned.

Retention and promotion shall be carried out according to rules and regulations set forth in this policy.


First Reading Approved  3/12/2018                                      Second Reading Approved 4/9/2018