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Participation in school activities is a privilege.  School activities provide the benefits of promoting additional interests and abilities in students during their school years and for their lifetimes.

Students may participate in interscholastic athletics, music, speech, and other contests or events approved by the administration subject to the rules and regulations which govern participation in general for each event or contest.  Any such events must be supervised by licensed school personnel.

The District is affiliated and pays dues as a member of the Iowa FFA Association, Iowa State Music Association, Iowa State Speech Association, Iowa High School Athletic Association, the Iowa High School Girls' Athletic Union, and the Iowa Association of Student Councils.  Therefore, the school is subject to all the rules and regulations of these associations and the Department of Education.

Students who participate in extracurricular activities serve as ambassadors of the school District throughout the calendar year, whether away from school or at school.  Students who wish to have the privilege of participating in extracurricular activities must conduct themselves in accordance with Board policy and must refrain from activities which are illegal, immoral or unhealthy.

Students who fail to abide by this policy and the administrative regulations supporting it may be subject to disciplinary measures.  The principal will keep records of violations of this policy.

Furthermore, a student may not violate the rules and regulations of the state associations and/or the discipline policy of the District or any rules and regulations pertaining to eligibility for extra-curricular activity, without jeopardizing the student's continued participation as it may apply.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent to develop rules and regulations for school activities.  Students wanting to participate in school activities must meet the requirements set out by the school District for participation in the activity.


First Reading Approved  3/12/2018                                      Second Reading Approved 4/9/2018