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Students may be exposed to irritants that pose a risk to the student’s health and safety during the school day.  Parents and students shall take all precautions to ensure that they are not exposed to such irritants and/or allergens.

If the parent(s) requests a meeting, the District will meet with the parent(s) and/or student to discuss the student’s exposure to irritant(s) and/or allergen(s), and, if appropriate, develop a plan to limit the above student’s exposure to irritant(s) and/or allergen(s).  Every such plan to avoid exposure shall include a completed Parental Identification of Student Irritant and/or Allergen Form and a completed Parental Authorization and Release Form for the Administration of Medication to Student.

The District cannot guarantee that the student will never be exposed to such irritants and/or allergens.  If a student is exposed to such an irritant and/or allergen and/or suffers from an allergic reaction, the District may administer medication to the student as necessary according to its policies and procedures.


First Reading Approved  3/12/2018                                      Second Reading Approved 4/9/2018