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The board has sole discretion to determine the method to be utilized for transporting non- resident and non-public school students. Non-resident students paying tuition may be, and resident students attending a non-public school accredited by the State Department of Education will be, transported on an established public school vehicle route as long as such transportation does not interfere with resident public students' transportation. Non-resident and non-public school students shall obtain the permission of the superintendent prior to being transported by the school district.

Parents of resident students who provide transportation for their children attending a non- public school accredited by the Iowa Department of Education will be reimbursed at the established state rate. This reimbursement shall be paid only if the school district receives the funds from the state. If less than the amount of funds necessary to fully reimburse parents of the non-public school students is received by the school district, the funds shall be prorate

The charge to the non-resident students shall be determined based on the students' pro rata share of the actual costs for transportation. The parents of these students shall be billed for the student's share of the actual costs of transportation. The billing shall be according to the schedule developed by the superintendent. It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to determine the amount to be charged and report it to the board secretary for billing.

Continued transportation of non-resident and non-public school students on a public school vehicle route will be subject to resident public school students' transportation needs. The superintendent shall make a recommendation annually to the board regarding the method to be used. In making a recommendation to the board, the superintendent shall consider the number of students to be transported, the capacity of the school vehicles, the financial condition of the school district, and other factors deemed relevant by the board or the superintendent.

Non-resident and non-public school students shall be subject to the same conduct regulations as resident public students as prescribed by board policy, and to other policies, rules or regulations developed by the school district regarding transportation of students by the school district.


First Reading Approved 4/9/18                                                                         Second Reading Approved 5/14/18