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It is the policy of the District that school employees not commit acts of physical or sexual abuse, including inappropriate and intentional sexual behavior, toward students.  Any school employee who commits such acts is subject to disciplinary sanctions up to and including discharge.

It is the policy of the District to respond promptly to allegations of abuse of students by school employees by investigating or arranging for full investigation of any allegation, and to do so in a reasonably prudent manner.  The processing of any complaint or allegation will be handled confidentially to the maximum extent possible.  All employees are required to assist in the investigation when requested to provide information, and to maintain the confidentiality of the reporting and investigating process.

The District has appointed a level-one investigator(s) and alternate(s), and has arranged for or contracted with a trained, experienced professional to serve as the level-two investigator.  The level-one investigator(s) and alternate(s) will be provided training in the conducting of an investigation, at the expense of the District. See student handbook for name(s) of level-one and level-two investigator(s).

The superintendent, or a designee of the superintendent, shall prescribe regulations in accordance with the rules adopted by the Iowa Department of Education to carry out this policy.


First Reading Approved  3/12/2018                                      Second Reading Approved 4/9/2018